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Sand Dunes


“Working with Jaye, I realized that humility is a core value at Cellino. The founding team always knew this intuitively, but we hadn’t explicitly communicated it to our team.


Now that we’ve named it, we are able to better align our hiring and management practices to reinforce this important part of our culture.”


"Jaye's holistic approach to coaching has helped support me as a solo founder.


I've grown so much personally and professionally through our work together - as I'm building my company."

"When I face a tough leadership issue, I don’t panic; I call Jaye. She helps me see right to the core of the situation, and we work together to carve the best possible path forward.

I’m a more capable, confident, and professional leader because of Jaye’s wisdom and support."


"Jaye has fantastic insights from growing teams and organisations, small and large.


She has been hugely valuable in helping to understand the challenges in rapidly growing a high performance team."


"Working with Jaye is a very eye-opening experience. Every day I learn new critical things about myself, about how to build a thriving company culture, and to navigate through all the roadblocks that most people don’t know about or don’t talk about. She a safe haven for real personal and professional growth."

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