In a Meeting

Individual Coaching

Individual founder coaching is a highly effective way to learn and grow. A great way to start is identify your goals, and work towards them together. It's helpful to meet for an hour every other week, virtually, so you have enough time to practice and reflect between sessions.  We are particularly passionate about supporting women and diverse founders. 


Peer groups

It's really helpful to talk to people who are in a similar role in another early stage bio or climate tech company. We host facilitated meetings to help you make meaningful connections to peers while also helping you continually reflect and improve as a leader and manager. All participants must agree to a maintaining confidentiality in advance of joining.  Learn more about peer groups here.  


Team Coaching 

It can be transformative to have your leadership team or a specific group within your company (i.e. the discovery team, or new managers) learn together. Depending on your goals, we can design the right structure and cadence to help you meet your goals balancing group learning and individual support. 


Workshops + Classes

Let's hear what your goals are and co-create a program or structure to help you reach them.  Check out our Management 101 course as an example. We can target several skill areas and design the right pace and structure for your team.