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Coaching is one of the most effective ways to learn because it allows you to learn, try, reflect and improve with the support of a trained expert. By nature, coaching is individualized to best meet your goals and optimize your growth.


Coaching works particularly well when you come to your sessions with an issue you want to discuss - whether is was an event that happened at your startup that didn't go well - or something that you anticipate is coming up soon.

Reach out and we'll figure it out the right structure and cadence to support you. 

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Individual coaching is the most common structure for this type of work. Typically this format works best for founders or senior leaders who want to do some personal reflecting about their own leadership, management, and communication in addition to thinking about company-wide systems and structures. All meeting are confidential so this is a safe space to be open and honest. Some individual clients meet with their coach weekly or bi-monthly for 30 to 60 minutes per session.  Together we'll set some goals and work towards them. 



Sometimes it's more effective to have co-founders in the session at the same time to talk through issues and learn together. These meetings can be to resolve conflict, proactively plan something big that is coming up, or to deconstruct something that happened at your startup to figure out how to make improvements for the future. 



Some startups find it valuable to have the same coach with with individuals across the team so that all of the organizational context and people are known by everyone. When we do this model, we ensure that each session is confidential so that nothing that is said privately is shared with others on the team. Some clients who have us working across their team have found it valuable so that when urgent matters arise, we already are ready to jump in and help in a more fluid way.